Appian Communications Needs Call Testers: Make International Calls Monday through Friday

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March 7, 2016

March 18, 2016: Advertising for this opportunity has expired.

Do you have Comcast (landline) or Verizon Wireless service? Appian Communications is hiring people to make international calls Monday through Friday for a temporary (but long-term) project.

Pay is 10 cents per minute. Total duration of each call is 90 minutes per day. You will be paid via bank wire transfer or PayPal every two weeks. You must be willing and able to add international calling to your Comcast or Verizon Wireless service if you do not currently have this feature enabled.

I was recently hired and paid by Appian Communications,¬†and recommend applying for this opportunity. They’re looking to bring on about 50 people to test their international service.

The compensation I’ll receive from working this project is more than enough to completely cover my wireless phone bill each month. If you have 1+ hour(s) each day to test international calls and would like to earn money doing it, go ahead and apply. Please list my name, Faye Brown, on the online application when you’re asked where you heard about this opportunity.