Thinking About Buying A Web-based Business? (An Empire Flippers Infographic)

I left my cubicle in 2008 and did odd, one-off jobs for three years until I transitioned into web-based freelancing as a full time transcriber and financial transcript editor.

In five years I’ve learned much about being my own boss, working from home, time management, bidding for jobs, filing 1099s and generally hustling hard in a gig economy.

I’m currently doing research in preparation for buying a web-based business. There are a handful of brokers whose marketplaces I visit often to see what sold and what’s currently for sale.

Empire Flippers is one of them. Their article, The 11 Most Popular Online Business Models, helped me understand the many ways web-based businesses make money. I remember when they sold Adsense Websites way back when, and I’m looking forward to the day when I purchase my first business (hopefully soon!).

If you’re thinking about investing in an already-profitable online business, go ahead and look up business brokers like Empire Flippers to get more information.

Ditch the Cubicle, Buy a Business

Infographic by: Empire Flippers